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Eleven years, my first Duran Duran show

February 22, 2005
Mexico City
National Auditorium
Duran Duran Show

Nearly five months after leaving the father of my son, that meant I had spent three months of mental and physical absence, I was devastated by the fact a dream was broken, and the only possible thing in my world was sadness and hopelessness. I was on autopilot. And two months trying to be alive.

I had lost my records and videos, most of them were my Duran Duran collection, books, furniture, I ran away from that place. Only my son and I. I was trying things do not fall apart, a dream was already broken, but my life was on the edge. I remember those days I cried myself out, for hours in the bathroom. I needed to find something that won't let me lose my life, there was no need to lose my life. And soon the reason was there. 

My reason was hearing Astronaut for the first time somewhere near January 2005, and knowing the original line up of my favorite band since I was a teenager was coming, it was great; then listening to the lyrics, it was as if all the songs in the album were saying to me something valuable, it was encouragment, get it and everything will be fine. 

Anyway, my dream came true almost 20 years after being a fan, see them live, to the original Fav 5. Yeah, it was not the first time they were in Mexico, it was the third time they played here, but at the time it was not possible for me to see them before. 

And Duran Duran was here, eleven years ago, I remember the day perfectly, it was a special day, I went to my job, and after that I had lunch with my brother and a friend, and we put our steps towards Reforma, we sang so loudly the songs we liked in our way to the National Auditorium. 

When the Duran Duran forum I signed was on the official site I met Matt, and he was in Mexico that day for work. We agreed to meet and I saw him in the lobby of the Auditorium. It was great knowing a memeber of the Duran Duran board. And the best part, we were there, waiting the show to start! 

8:00 PM we took our places, we talked, and laughed, and enjoyed it. About 8:30 maybe a little later, I can't recall, the show began. John, Simon, Nick, Roger and Andy. I sang, danced, laughed, I enjoyed it, I was fascinated by Nick's smile, John and Simon power on stage was amazing, the passion of Andy and charisma of Roger was great! It was a great night! 

Now eleven years exactly, in a february 22nd I look at those memories, and I find myself at a crossroads, and Duran Duran again is here, with lyrics that inspire me, an album that is becoming my survival guide. And this time I am in a design contest for a "Duran Duran playing card", I wanted to do something for them, and there were great jobs there and more than a hundred, and today, on the same day, my design is in the final 6, I can not tell you how thankful I am, because is amazing, is great, yes, maybe it is something very silly, but for me is the difference, I was not expecting that. But again it is the answer I needed. 

Today it becomes quite clear to me that, in the most difficult times of my life, Duran Duran has been there to simply say: here we are.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for everything! And I ask to God that always take care of you, just because He cares, you care and I care.

Love Patt

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